New project initiation by Introfoc

New project initiation by Introfoc

January 21, 2020 News feed 0

We are happy to announce the initiation of our latest project, WindiBox, which regards to the continuation of the optimization work on our technology. A huge achievement for us, which brings WindiBox a step further towards the commercialisation phase.

WindiBox is an innovative vertical axis wind turbine within a box-shaped design minimizing visual impact, that aims to reduce energy expenses of large-scale buildings such as apartment blocks, industrial and commercial buildings, hotels and more, while minimising CO2 emissions within the urban environment. WindiBox uses advanced aerodynamics to augment the inlet wind and power, by improving the rotational speed of the wind turbine by at least 2.5 times, compared to a standalone wind turbine, and the power by at least 3 times.

A 1KW WindiBox of 1.8m height – 3m width – 3m length offers power outputs ranging from 1,255-2,683kWh (for annual average speed 4.5m/s to 6.5m/s). WindiBox overcomes the technological limitations of existing solutions in the market as well as the targeted milestones for CO2 emissions imposed by EU. Through this project, our goal is to optimise, validate and qualify the WindiBox technology in real-life environment, and potentially introduce this solution to the market.

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