About us

Introfoc Ltd was established in 2015, with the foremost goal of becoming a technology leader in small-scale wind energy sector.

About Us

Introfoc exists to make the difference. We are involved with the development of revolutionary renewable solutions and green home devices for energy savings in the industries of consumer tech and smart cities.

Our Orientation

Established as an exclusive station of onshore consumer products dedicated towards the exploitation of wind energy, leading to a greener environment and the reduction of climate- damaging CO­2 emissions.

Our Technologies

Our products are designed under specific headlines that match our strategy to offer niche, end-user products of outstanding engineering, performance, ergonomics and price.

Our Target

In 2019, the total CO2 emissions of electricity were 33 Gigatons. Through our technologies and products, we aim in the minimalization of this adverse trend and its effects, on the global ecosystem.

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WindiBox: A Revolutionary Renewable Solution



A patented technology and dedicated for large-scale building rooftops, WindiBox features an enclosed wind turbine and advanced engineering adaptation achieving an optimized 360° wind capture and an augmented performance of at least 2.5 times (compared to current solutions). 

Phase 1 Funding (2018)

WindiBox project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme SMEInst-2018-2020 under Grant Agreement Number/Project ID: 817053.

Project continuation and additional funding (2020)

We are happy to announce that the WindiBox project has secured an additional fund through National funding scheme, for the continuation of the optimization work on our technology. A huge achievement for us, which brings WindiBox a step further towards the commercialisation phase.

Aesthetics & Safety

With its well thought design, WindiBox offers a superior aesthetical feature imposing minimum impact on a building’s architectural design. In addition, the enclosure acts as a safety shield for all components.

“The Project OPPORTUNITY/0916/009 is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation”.

What makes us unique

Zero Emissions

Our technologies employ an environmentally friendly profile, through the exploitation of wind as a green energy, offering zero CO2 emissions for a more sustainable ecosystem.


Wind manipulation is attained for power augmentation and optimization of our products. Wind manipulation is attained for power augmentation and optimization of our products.


Size scaling of our products is a key feature to maintain optimal adaptation and flexibility. Customer needs and requirements should not be compromised by any means.


Our products involve systematic approaches for the exploitation of wind energy in an autonomous manner. Safety, environment and efficiency are key features that come along.

WindiBox: The global environmental impact

Through WindiBox, we aim to enter the global war against climate change, and leave our personal footprint. Through our validated technology and in-depth analytical forecasts, we have honest potentials to accumulate a substantial environmental impact, having quantified a global saving of more than 57,000 tones of C02 (within the first five of years of sales). These translate to the following:


Passenger cars driven for one year


Tanker trucks worth of gasoline


Number of smartphones charged


Gallons of gasoline consumed


home’s total enery use for one year


home’s electricity use for one year

Latest News

Publication for WindiBox in ETEK’s monthly magazine (greek language)

Our project has been shared in ETEK’s monthly magazine. In the article we describe the project developments and what has been fulfilled for the purposes of the optimization of WindiBox.

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Introfoc at Wind Europe2023

Introfoc is participating at WindEurope2023 global annual event in Copenhagen. Probably the biggest event in the world bringing together wind experts, engineers, scientists, and researchers! Really happy to be here.

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Large-scale demos finally commence!

The large scale demonstration activities are finally under progression. The first out of the three optimized prototypes has been installed at our testing site. More to follow!

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