Zero Emissions

Our technologies employ environmentally friendly tactics, through the exploitation of wind as a green energy, offering zero CO2 emissions for a more sustainable ecosystem.


Wind manipulation is attained for power augmentation and optimization of our products, to reach power improvements of at least 3 times.


Size scaling of our products is a key feature to maintain optimal adaptation and flexibility. Customer needs and requirements should not be  compromised by any means.


Our products involve systematic approaches for the exploitation of wind energy in an autonomous manner. Safety, environment and efficiency are key features that come along.


About Us

Introfoc exists to make the difference. We are involved with the development of revolutionary renewable solutions and green home devices for energy savings in the industries of consumer tech and smart cities.

Our Orientation

 Established as an exclusive station of onshore consumer products dedicated towards the exploitation of wind energy, leading to a greener environment and the reduction of climate- damaging CO2 emissions.

Our Technologies

Our products are designed

under specific headlines that match our strategy to offer niche, end-user products of outstanding engineering, performance, ergonomics and price.

Our Target

In 2017, the total CO2emissions of electricity were 37 Gigatons. Through our technologies and products, we aim in the minimalization of this adverse trend and its effects, on the global ecosystem.

Revolutionary Renewable Solutions



A product dedicated towards power generation in buildings. It features an enclosed wind turbine that exploits advanced aerodynamics for achieving augmentation factors of at least 3, in terms of power. An ideal solution for urban environments and where space availability is limited. At average annual speed of 6.5m/s the ROI can be as low as 6 years. Moreover, one single WindiBox unit cuts an average of 1,416Kg of CO2 emissions per year based on a rated wind speed of 5.7m/s, which is up to5 times more than other competitive solutions.


The device works in favour of aesthetics and conservation of the building’s architectural design. The enclosure acts as a safety envelope for all components.


A 1KW WindiBox of 1.2m height – 2.4m width – 3.7m length offers power outputs ranging from 1,100-2,100kWh (for annual average speed 4.5m/s to 6.5m/s).

Applicability:  Terraces and Rooftops of Buildings (Apartment blocks, industrial and commercial buildings, offices, hotels, educational institutes and halls of residence/dormitories, retails stores etc

Technologies under Development

WindiWall – This innovative concept brings a new meaning to the building industry by introducing the first smart wall system. Energy generation  is achieved through wind collection, in the form of external facades.

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